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Practice Anytime,

The Banks Method is the perfect mix of the science of pilates, the flow of yoga, total body strengthening barre, and the rhythm of dance. Boost those endorphins while building strength, mentally and physically!

Live Events in Austin

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Signature Classes


Using controlled mindful movement, every inch of your body will shake and burn. You will leave feeling inspired, connected and strong!


 This super upbeat barre class will challenge you and change you from the inside out! The perfect mix of pilates, yoga flow and dance inspired movement. 


Upper body, lower body, or full body... this class utilizes heavy weights to build muscle in the safest most effective way.


Fusing cardio with dynamic exercises to get your heart rate up while sculpting literally every inch of your body. 


Improve neuromuscular activation to improve muscle firing and the stability of your joints, along with improving full body mobility. 

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Banks developed her signature method while sharing her expertise at some of the biggest companies in fitness.

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Why is The Banks Method So Effective?

Classes start whenever you decide

You're busy. It's hard to make it to a class, especially for a particular instructor. Watch our videos instead!

Experienced and Dedicated Instructor

Banks has been teaching these disciplines for years and is very passionate about her work and her students.

Try new classes and exercises

Our large and growing video library has a great variety of classes to choose from in 5 different practice areas!


Understand the why behind the exercises and gain the knowledge to select movements right for your body.

Ready to get started? 

Sign up for a monthly plan to get unlimited access to all the videos!

A Word from Our Happy Trainees

I have been doing the Banks method workouts for the past year. Her workouts have been far more effective than killing myself in the gym day to day. I've seen results like never before; my chronic low back pain and knee pain is almost completely gone. Looking forward to more content!


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